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The Secret Of Novelty Socks – Why Your Socks Make You Fun

There seems to be something odd about modern society. We value the contentious – but at the same time, we tend to put people in small boxes and require them to define them by what they do – rather than who they are. Step outside your box, especially if you are professional and the powers that be tend to frown. However, this ignores the fact that most of us have a healthy dose of rebelliousness buried within our psyche. So in the highly stressed environment of the 21st century how do we express our individualism. There was a shining moment in the ’80s where frankly silly ties were (for men) were accepted as a sign of individualism. However, those days seem to have gone for good. Today the expression of individualism through clothing seem to be relegated to our leisure time.

However there is one bastion of that individualism that is unmarked by the passage of style and time – and that is the socks that we choose to wear. Buying a pair of socks is still a highly individual choice.

The beauty of Novelty Socks is that they are by and large hidden from view. Except for those odd occasions when we sit in a meeting or interact in other ways with social peers or business colleagues. It is then when those socks are exposed to others that the flash of individualism becomes apparent.

The ideas that socks are an expression of individuality might seem a bit far fetched – but it is a truth that socks are as much an expression of what makes us individuals as clothing that expresses our allegiance to sports teams, musical tastes and even our preference for other elements of popular culture.

Thanks to the local power of the Internet and the possibility of selecting personal choices as far as design is concerned we are now allowed to wear out interests not on our sleeves as the old saying goes – but rather around our ankles. Socks are a fun choice of attire for both males and females and has recently become an odd movement and yes we did expect to throw that pun out!

The choices are almost limitless. Images of favourite cultural icons, sports teams, hobbies or even the pure joy of bringing a smile to someone’s face are all possible through our new ability to have socks designed to our unique interests. Also off the myriad of shelf options mean that our socks can be an expression of our individuality.

So get a pair of socks that reflects who you are. It’s an evergreen and cost-effective way of separating yourself from the herd. Get yourself a couple of socks today.


Giving a Proper Burial

When your loved one passes, it’s only natural to have a proper funeral for them and to organise a coffin to have their resting body be dropped into the ground. But here we want to talk about a proper burial and an opportunity for your loved ones to be one with the Earth and truly be spread around the world.

Having cremation for your loved ones, family or friend who has recently passed allows you to do multiple things. You can either place them in an Urn which allows them to be with you at all times or you can do the more sensible thing and allow them to experience their journey around the world even after their passing.